SchweppenHausen, De

This Nike Hercules Missile Site is dedicated to all soldiers, family members and friends that served in Delta 2-1- ADA -32nd AADCOM, Dichtelbach, Germany. We are in search of all veterans that served here, Originally D-5-1-ADA. A Cold War Missile site on the side of a mountain in Dichtelbach, Germany


          Schweppenhausen church


                Photo Gallery








                     Wolfgang Specht GuestHouse Schweppenhausen

                                           .                                                                  Robert A Binghanm

                                               Michael D Bloom ETS Dinner June 1978

                                                Schweppenhausen De...

 My apartment in Schweppenhausen.Driving robert A Bingham to The airport June 1978. E T S


                        Schweppenhausen Oct 1977

Achiem  and Stephen ,Schweppenhausen soccer players 1977-1978 

Achim Reimann Stefan Schonewald,              

     Schweppenhausen view from the vineyards.                                  







  Achim Reimann         Michael D Bloom


Michael D Bloom and  Elka Specht


                  Schweppenhausen    Soccer field

Jugen Drees, , Margit Machwirth, Michael Bloom

               Schweppenhausen pig roast in the vineyard .

Margit Machwirth and Michael McLemore

Michael Bloom, Elka Specht, Stefan Schoenwald,  Jurgen Dees,Marina Muller, 



my Van that Bloom blew the engine in

My Opel I sold to Steve Read

Blue bug I got from Bob Bingham

1965 fastback Bloom and i crashed


my place in Schweppenhausen 


                                             Freddy Beverly, Robert Binghan, Ronald N Patterson

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