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This Nike Hercules Missile Site is dedicated to all soldiers, family members and friends that served in Delta 2-1- ADA -32nd AADCOM, Dichtelbach, Germany. We are in search of all veterans that served here, Originally D-5-1-ADA. A Cold War Missile site on the side of a mountain in Dichtelbach, Germany

Delta Btry 2nd BN 1st ADA 32nd AADCOM Dichtelbach, Germany
D 2 1 ada mess hall
                                                                 D 2 1 ADA Mess Hall 
 A typical service member in garrison needs to consume about 3,250 calories a day for sustenance.
MP LT Frank Pavlechko
D 2 1 Crete ASP crew
I see no ever, hear no evil, Do no evil MP's D 2 1 ADA
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